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Unlock 3rd All-Star team
Finish a full season in leauge mode with any team in hard mode

Unlock blonde hair Romanian team.
Win the “Cup” mode with Romania in hard mode

Unlock All-Star teams in any mode
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Circle at
the mode selection screen

Winning Eleven 3: Final Version Game Shark Codes:

Unlock Bonus Teams
8010A2CA 000F

Modify Home Team Score
300CB7BD 00?0

Modify Away Team Score
300CB7BF 00?0

English Name For Brazil (Set 5/5)
800C9A1C 4542
800C9A1E 4542
800C9A20 4F54
800C9A22 0000
800C9A24 4445
800C9A26 554D
800C9A28 444E
800C9A2A 004F
800C9A2C 4547
800C9A2E 4D52
800C9A30 4E41
800C9A32 004F

English Name For Brazil (Set 4/5)
800C99FE 4E43
800C9A00 4C41
800C9A02 0056
800C9A04 2E5A
800C9A06 4143
800C9A08 4C52
800C9A0A 534F
800C9A0C 454C
800C9A0E 4E4F
800C9A10 4441
800C9A12 004F
800C9A14 4544
800C9A16 494E
800C9A18 534C
800C9A1A 4E4F

English Name For Brazil (Set 3/5)
800C99E0 0041
800C99E2 0000
800C99E4 4952
800C99E6 4156
800C99E8 444C
800C99EA 004F
800C99EC 4D45
800C99EE 5245
800C99F0 4F53
800C99F2 004E
800C99F4 4F52
800C99F6 414E
800C99F8 444C
800C99FA 004F
800C99FC 4F47

English Name For Brazil (Set 2/5)
800C99C2 534F
800C99C4 4143
800C99C6 5546
800C99C8 0000
800C99CA 0000
800C99CC 4153
800C99CE 504D
800C99D0 4941
800C99D2 004F
800C99D4 4947
800C99D6 564F
800C99D8 4E41
800C99DA 494E
800C99DC 5544
800C99DE 474E

English Name For Brazil (Set 1/5)
800C99A4 4154
800C99A6 4646
800C99A8 5241
800C99AA 4C45
800C99AC 4C41
800C99AE 4144
800C99B0 5249
800C99B2 0000
800C99B4 4142
800C99B6 4149
800C99B8 4F4E
800C99BA 4A20
800C99BC 2E52
800C99BE 4143
800C99C0 4C52

Category: Playstation

More puzzles – Another World
Press L, Up, R, Down at the title screen. If the code is accepted,
you should see a green face on the lower right corner of the screen.
After, choose “puzzle mode” and the “Another World” selection.
At the title screen press A, Up, B, Down.

Unlock Bub as playable character:
Press Z + L + R + A at the game selection screen.

Skip stages:
During game play, hit Z + L + R + A.

Unlock extra characters – Bob, Bub and the Boss:
Choose the “Puzzle Mode”, after press the following button combinations
at puzzle selection menu: Left, Left, Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L + R.

Category: Nintendo 64, PC, Playstation

Barbie Super Sports Game Shark Codes:

Maximum Money (Start a game, quit, then enter to the sports store)
D00183F0 8006
80058D74 0FFF

Bonus Points
D001840C 8005
800576C2 0FFF

Set the Time to 0:00:00
8002031E 2400

Category: Playstation

Shinjidaigeki Action Rasetsunoken Game Shark Codes:

Unlimited Tool 1
80099AD9 00FF

Unlimited Tool 2
80099AF7 00FF

Modify Tool 1 (00-2C)
80099AD8 00??

Modify Tool 2 (00-2C)
80099AF6 00??

Maximum Exp.
300BD428 00C8

Unlimited Health 2nd Character
80098B54 0064

Unlimited Items
D00591D6 0211
800591D6 0200

Unlimited Herbs
800D7448 0003

Unlimited Magic
3009872D 00FA

Unlimited HP
30098728 00FA

2x Magic Slash (Push R2)
D00BB2F8 0002
800BCAC8 0028

One-hit Kill
D0048926 0270
80048926 0000

Never Get Poisoned
D00474C2 A4A2
800474C2 A4A0

Category: Playstation

Master cheat code:
Go to the mission room, then click on the dog tags, then type “mia cheats”
as a code to enable all cheats.

Get all medals:
Hit [F1] at the mission room, then type “mia medal full” as a code
to unlock all medals.

Select any mission:
Hit [F1] at the mission room, then type “mia levels” as a code to
select any mission.

Mission completed:
Hit [F1] during the game play, then type “mia complete” as a code
to complete a mission.

Invincibile mode:
Hit [F1] during the game play, then type “mia dog” as a code to
enable invicibility.

Misc cheats:
There are also a several files cheat.* in one of the game
directories where you can find other cheat codes.

Category: PC

Get all 8 cheeses:
While in the Cottage, Computer Area, type in this
code: CHEESYWEAPONS to receive all eight pieces of
cheese and the Serving Platter.

Get the Pantomime Horse:
While in Material Level 1, type in the code: GIMMESTUFF

Category: PC