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Enter the follow codes: 50 lives: Enter “BOVRILBULLETHOLE” Additional money and The Heist chapter: Enter “CHOCOLATESTARFISH” Disable beeps or censures: Enter “BEEPZAGONNER” Easy mode: Enter “EASY” as a code. Enable debug mode: Enter “XFYHIJERPWAL IELWZS” Unlock all chapters and scenes: Enter “WELDERSBENCH” Very easy mode: Enter “VERYEASY” as a code. Barn Boys chapter: Enter “PRINCEALBERT” […]

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Cheat mode: While playing the game enter any of the cheat codes bellow. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Code – Effect Hold CTRL and type “acid” – Infrared vision Hold CTRL and type “arm” – Maximum armor Hold CTRL and type “asd” – Super jump Hold CTRL and type […]

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