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This game another title is Rockman Dash. Infinite money Go to market and kick the yellow can into the bakery behind the counter. You will receive 1000 Zenny. Enter any shop and exit. The can should be reappear. Repeat the process as many times you want. Unlock bonus parts (jet skates and buster max): Finish […]

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Note: This game is also titled Rockman Rockman.
# Play as Blues/Protoman

Successfully complete all 100 challenges in Challenge mode to unlock Blues/Protoman.
# Play as Mega

Successfully complete all levels on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock Mega. He is Megaman in his basic helper clothes and attacks with a kick. To choose him, select Megaman at the character selection screen and use the menu that appears to play as him. -From: banetuh
# Play as Megaman C

Successfully complete New Style mode on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock Megaman C.
# Play as Rockman S

Successfully complete New Style mode on the Easy difficulty setting to unlock Rockman S.
# Play as Bosses

Defeat a Robot Master in New Style mode using only the Mega Buster or Rock Buster to unlock that Boss as a playable character.
# Charge Shot/Sliding move

Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Charge Shot/Sliding move.
# Alternate title screen

Defeat any Boss in New Style mode. Use that Boss as your character and load the game to have the corresponding person at the title screen. Defeat all Bosses in New Style mode and select Megaman as your character to have all characters appear.
# Misspelling

Successfully complete a level on the Normal difficulty setting. Sometimes Roll will say “Try your best on the next stage kay.” instead of “Try your best on the next stage okay.”

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During game play, type Xstuff for all of the x upgrades, weapons and heart and sub tanks…keep typing it for more fun!

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Bonus Life While you are at the Clown Man’s stage, kick a mega ball into the clown’s mouth to get a bonus life. Weakness of Bosses Here are the weakness of the bosses: Waekness – Bosses: Astro Crush – Aqua Man boss Homing Sniper – Astro Man boss Tornado Hold – Bass boss Tornado Hold […]

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Beat all bosses, get all weapons, items, place dots in the grid locations: Enter A5, B2, B4, C1, C3, C5, D4, D5, E2 as a password. Beat Air Man: Enter A1 B5 C3 C4 D5 E1 E2 E3 E4 as a password. Beat Bubble Man: Enter A5 B2 B3 B4 C3 C4 D4 D5 E4 […]

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Start the game with the special capsules: Enter 6414, 4155, 6872, 3356 as a password. You will get Double Air-Dash, Hyper Charger, Super Armor, I. Tracer enhancements. Last stage: Highlight the “X” logo at the stage select screen. Quickly press Down + Square + X. If the code is accepted, the cursor will move to […]

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